How I got to this point in life

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I remember a time in life when I could eat anything without any adverse reaction.  Then, as age began to catch up to me, life began to change.  I began to have aches where there weren’t any before.  At first, the pain was not very bad.  But it continued, and sometimes it was so severe that moving was difficult.  And it would target different parts of my body.  Sometimes it would hit my fingers, my wrists, my elbows, knees and feet.  Most of the time, it would just attack one particular joint.  A couple of times however, I hurt in multiple areas.  I think the worst attack I suffered through was when it hit both of my feet- namely my big toes.  That was the toughest time I can remember trying to walk.  Luckily (if that can be said), it only lasted about three days.  So, as I hobbled around at work and home, I vowed to start looking for a way to alleviate the pain as best I could.  I started researching different ways to deal with gout.  I looked into what foods to avoid and what supplements were available to help with the pain.  Then quite a bit of time went by without any problems, so I thought (incorrectly of course) that maybe I was out of the woods.

After a couple of months without a flare-up, I woke up one Sunday morning and my left wrist was swollen and there was more pain than I had felt in a while.  I tried ice packs and heating pads but with little relief.  This turned out to be the first time that I had to take off work due to my condition.  The doctor told me it was a severe case of arthritis and wanted to prescribe something for it.  I politely thanked him and decided I was going to figure this out on my own.  I was already on meds for blood pressure and my heart, and wanted to have a say in any additional pills I had to take.  So I turned to the internet to try to figure out some ways to help my situation.  At the time, I thought that surely I was not the only person in this situation.  Could I possibly help someone else who was going through the same pain?  At this point, I decided to start a business where people could go to look for any supplements or anything else they needed to maintain their health, on their own terms.